We are on a mission here at ContentExpression.

A mission to build the best organic search agency.
Partner only with companies that share a similar ethos.
& Produce genuine results that defy the norm.

We Toot Our Own Horn 😄


successful fundraisers, with SEO being a pillar channel in customer acquisition.
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increase in scheduled Demo calls with qualified leads after a content refresh.
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blog posts on page one, driving sales one month after production.
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Increase In Organic Conversion


Organic Revenue Generated


Countries represented in our team

We got into the SEO industry in 2018 and have not looked back.

We started as a team of passionate writers and marketers with a common goal — To help businesses get more sales through organic search with moderate investment.

We observed that businesses were under-serviced and overcharged. Others, on the other hand, found themselves locked in jail-akin contracts.

We came in to break that stigma with our data-driven strategies that show you results every step of the way.

Our aim has always been to offer quality services and unparalleled customer support at every part of our client journey.

We have spent the last four years mastering the art and science of generating high-quality leads and customers via SEO.

How have we done it?

We have created a thorough recruitment and onboarding process. This helps ensure that every team member has the depth of knowledge and thirst for the quality we desire.

Also, every member shares in our collective goal and do their best to help us achieve maximal results, FASTER.

We know that the key to improving conversions for our clients is trust (visitors who trust you become customers).

For this reason, we ensure that our tactics convey your brand’s story in a way that captivates, inspires, and resonates with your audience.

Your results drive us, and we strive continually toward your goals. 

Let’s partner to help drive the growth and income your business needs.

Remote Since 2018

Adopting a decentralized footprint has helped us recruit the world’s most talented marketers regardless of where they call home. 


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Editorial Manager


Lead Capture


Center Strategiest

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All our team members start as writers. Our arms are wide open if you are a great talent looking to help drive growth to the most innovative brands.

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