Plans & Pricing

We Value Your Time.

You shouldn’t go through a dozen sales calls to discover what you’ll be required to invest in getting tangible results from SEO.
Our prices are transparent and tiered to fit your business’ situation and goals.

All plans employ the collective effort of our writers, strategists, editors, designers, project managers, and subject-matter experts to scale your revenue.



Take advantage of quick-win opportunities
We leverage low-hanging fruits to enable you see fast business results 




Inbound growth so substantial you become the benchmark for progress.
We capture demand by stacking high-buy-intent topics characterized by coherence and topical relevancy.
Everything in the Grow plan, plus:



Become the industry giant and scale in revenue every step of the way.
We adopt an integrated funnel approach that captures users at different stages of their journey and breeds SQLs of them.
Everything in the Grow & Scale plans, plus:

If you are still deciding whether to commit to a plan, access our SEO Playbook here to understand the techniques that get us reliable results. 

Basic Features in all Plans

Keyword research

Through a host of strategies, we settle on the best topics that will drive business results.

Frase SERP analysis

We observe the SERP for all topics to identify patterns and develop unique angles to engineer our production with.

Frase optimization

We only hit publish on content with an edge over all others on the SERP. We combine our expertise with Frase during optimization.

Headline alternatives

We offer you three headline options, even when we suggest a preferred one.

Plagiarism Check

We scan all the content we produce automatically and manually to ensure every text block is original/unique.

Copy Research

We gather insights from various sources, such as expert interviews, quotes, graphs, and statistics, to create genuine 1:1 pieces.

Average Word Count

We recommend and try to keep our minimum word count/piece at 2,000. However, we can make slight adjustments on client’s request.


Although we rarely get more than one revision request, you are entitled to 1,2 and 3 revisions per piece on each plan respectively.

Custom Illustrations

We provide one custom illustration per 800 words for every content piece we produce. 

CMS Upload

We upload to all CMS types.

Pricing FAQs?


We embrace a results-oriented approach, ensuring you pay us only for the results we deliver.

We understand that long-term contracts develop a false sense of security and breeds complacency.

You should only stick with us long-term because you like us and our work and not because you can’t get out of a silly contract.

Gaining your trust is what keeps us on our toes.

We operate in engagement cycles.

A typical cycle duration is only 12 weeks.

During this period, we have a well-defined goal, agreed deliverables, and realistic projections.

You don’t pay us to muck around in spreadsheets and do nothing. 

You partner with us to produce efficient business results, and we do so in sprints of intensity — such that we complete 12 months’ worth of work in just 12 weeks. 

If we don’t meet your expectations, take advantage of our simple 30-day written cancellation clause.

We are partners in the literal sense of it.

We want you to focus on improving your product while we handle all the heavy lifting. We keep you briefed and in sync with everything while we get our hands dirty creating results.

There have been situations where our partners requested we work as an extension of their team. We don’t mind. We integrate, create excellent rapport with the team and drive growth to the business.

That being said, we are not yes men. 
We are transparent. We tell you the reality for what it is.
We believe that such honesty is needed to create remarkable results.

We rely on a team of full-time and contract writers.

Our writers are savvy wordsmiths skilled at researching, gathering, and synthesizing information to aid them in creating credible and insightful content pieces.

During our kick-off call, we’ll review your brand’s expertise and stylistic preferences and match you with your desired writer(s).

We try to keep the same writer(s) on your project to help them develop a greater affinity with your brand and product over time.

PS. Although this is rare, if you are dissatisfied with the writer’s style or output, we can replace them asap.

For significant results, 3+ months is a good gauge.

However, there usually are quick-win opportunities that can get things moving in as little as a month.

Here are some of such cases

Timeline for result depends significantly on a number of factors, such as;

  1. existing SEO effort(content, links, uX)
  2. industry competition
  3. engagement budget
  4. how much work we must do to get you in favor of the search engine.

A quick call with one of our analysts will give the exact time frame for your project.

Yes, but the switch is only effective after completing your current sprint.

We often have to plan weeks ahead for which writer we’ll allocate to projects and the timeline for delivery.


We don’t rely on the hope that the search engine will discover our content because it is quality.

For this reason, we build links to boost rank for the keywords we produce content on.

As for the nature of the links, we stick with guest posts for the Grow and Scale plans while we include PR on the Dominate Plan.

Experience has taught us to do away with quarterly or 6 months calendars.

We adjust our calendars monthly.

What influences our decisions?

  • already published content and its performance
  • informational gaps
  • visitor reading patterns and funnel interaction
  • changing business objectives
  • etc.


As should every other thing in marketing, your content strategy should adapt to business changes. 

Please schedule a call with our team, and we’ll answer any questions you have regarding what we do and how best we can help.